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由英國VINIA COSMETICS 研發中心技術授權台灣維妮雅化粧品製造,公司備有最先進自動化保養品生產設備、真空乳化設備、全自動充填設備、自動 貼標等設備,並延聘專業保養品研發團隊、產品設計師及高層經營管理人才不斷研發創新優良產品,專業生產各種美容保養品、醫學美容產品、潔容霜、面膜、化粧水、乳液、面霜、去角質、按摩膏、唇蜜、粉底修飾乳等各種全系列保養品,暢銷全世界,深獲各行業之信賴與讚美。

Our factory is equipped with precise vacuum creaming facility, automatically filling system, auto-labeling equipment and advanced testing apparatus. To ensure that the company is always ahead of the industry standard, we hire professional researchers, skincare product designers, and management exports. Our products include facial toner, lotion, anti aging series, facial cleansing, mask, massage cream, foundation, mascara, lip products, fragrance, etc... The product quality is now recognized by both consumers and the industry.